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This domain once held a replica store owned and operated by sellers of illegal replica Chanel watches.

Pursuant to a Judgment and Injunction, resulting from a case in a District Court of the United States of America against the former owners of the online watch shop, WATCHES AGENT, previously appearing at this web address, were attested to by the Court to have been selling replica Chanel watches. For genuine CHANEL watches, visit the official CHANEL website at


Black Friday Sale On Replica Chanel Watches

Customer Reviews:

I'd Never Buy Replica Chanel Watches On Black Friday

by , April 25, 2019

5/5 stars

The first reason for my belief that I would never buy a fake Chanel watch, or anything else that's a fake, is that I support the original designer first and foremost. It is the original creator or artist that deserves my backing and my money. Never will I give creedence to illegally produced products or the crime networks that make them. My experience shows that innocent buyers could be defrauded by replica online shops selling counterfeit goods, especially on Black Friday. Regardless of the sale prices or tempting deals, I will be sure to do everything I can to seek out the real deal.

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Product description:

Replica Chanel Pearl Watch
$255.00 (In Stock)

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